tirsdag den 23. februar 2010

Færdig! Thorpe Jr.

I'm very pleased to announce that I've finished knitting my olympic knitting project, the cardigan formerly knows af "Den Uden Knapper...". I've even learned to crochet properly to crochet the sleeve and neck edging - AND have crocheted the sleeve and neck edgings, weaved in the few ends and blocked the whole thing. All that is left is the buttons, which I've crocheted button holes for, but they won't be bought and added until friday, so...
In the meantime, I've knit a new winter hat for my son, Aksel. He told me he wanted a purple hat, so naturally that is what he got.
Before I started it, my son said that it also had to be green, and while I was knitting it today he asked where the yellow was, very indignantly. So I added a yellow stripe as well.
The hat was knit top down, which I've never tried, but liked a lot. I guess I just love every top down knit I come across...
Opskrift: Thorpe af Kirsten Kapur (Ravelry link / direkte til .pdf)
Garn: Peruvian Highland Wool fra 123knit.com (den grønne har jeg selv farvet med icing dye)

På Ravelry: Signest's Thorpe Jr.

Beklager at sproget skifter fra indlæg til indlæg, men jeg eksperimenterer lidt - og finder jeg er for doven til at skrive det hele 2 gange...

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