onsdag den 18. maj 2011

Loud, Bright and Fun

Så blev det nye børneværelse så tæt på færdigt, at jeg godt synes jeg kan vise billeder af hele herligheden. Det har simpelthen været så sjovt at indrette det større værelse til dem, og at finde plads til alt deres legetøj og sager.
Resten af mit indlæg er på engelsk. Både fordi jeg er doven, og fordi jeg synes det er for kedeligt med en kilometer tekst mellem hvert billede 
(Og hvis du der læser synes der er en skidt udvikling, så må du meget gerne give ord i kommentarerne, og så vil jeg stramme mig bedre an i fremtiden)
The kids' new room is now so close to finished that I can show photos of it all. It has been so much fun decorating and furnish this new larger room for them and find the best place for all of their toys and things.

Out of the four colors they chose for their room I picked out the yellow for the end wall, and I'm very happy I did. It is such a fun and cheerful color. And loud. I feel like shouting YELLOW! every time I see the wall.
Another big and important step in creating this new room, was assembling the brand new bunk bed. The kids had looked forward to that. A lot. And they've so much fun playing in and on it ever since and sleeping in each their own bed every night.

One of the big reasons we chose the child length bed was that there then would be room for the big bed time story chair / play mountain along the end wall. Perfect.

After buying the bed, the budget was very tight so I grabbed this little idea (scroll down) for cheap bed tables. The little magazine holders cost very little in Ikea and they also doubled as the room painting project that the kids got to mess with while the grown ups painted the rest of the room.

I remember sleeping in the bottom bunks at camp and such as a kid, and i remember how depressing the view of the underside of the top bunk was, so as soon as we decided on the bunk bed idea I decided that I would make the view from the bottom bunk fun.

My daughter who got the bottom bunk chose this fabric at Ikea, and I cut it to the right dimensions, made the edges neat and stapled it in place. And now we can make up lots of stories about the fox, the squirrel and the bunnies.
(My son would also like something fun above his bed, naturally, so we've found some fantastic space themed wall stickers for him, but the haven't arrived yet)

We bought these stackable wooden toy boxes a long time ago from the same place we bought the bed. We were thrilled to discover that they fit perfectly under the bed.

More stackable wooden toy boxes and other toy storage. A kids room needs lots of storage.

An ever changing exhibit of favorite things. The thing is hung crooked as the walls are made of cement which in some places is un-drill-able. Jon said he did it on purpose so everybody can tell it's handmade.

The striped wall took all weekend to finish, but I think it was worth it. I'm very surprised at how well those 4 very odd and unmatched colors work - and very pleased with how even the stripes came out. 

With the mirror hung in the center, it doesn't darken the room too much. The kids love this mirror, and I love watching them experiment with their facial expressions and body language. And of course a mirror is essential for when they dress up.

The hangers for the dress-up outfits were one of the last missing pieces, but there are a few things at this end of the room that are unfinished yet.
  •  Below the dress up hanger I need a small trunk or chest for dolls clothes and other dress-up things such as glasses and hats.
  • to the far left there is a play stove and boxes of play food and other household play things. We need to go to Ikea (again) and buy some more storage for these things - and other miscellaneous toys
  •  the dresser is far too dull, so I think I need to cut out more dots to stick all over it.

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Stine sagde ...

Hvor er det bare fantastisk. Total sejt legeværelse. Er især vild med den sribede væk.. of course og så ideen med stoffet over køjesengen.
Den ide kommer jeg helt sikkert til at snuppe.
Nova og Aksel må være i himlen<3

Signest sagde ...

Tusind tak, Stine :)
Jeg er også især vild med striberne.
Aksel og Nova leger inde på deres nye værelse dagen lang. Det er fantastisk!