onsdag den 9. maj 2012


I've decided, today will have to be my last day of listlessness. Nevermind my ridiculously low energy level and virus aftermath-y things. I'm terribly at this aimlessness. All of my ideas are piling up in my brain, like a... harmonikasammenstød.. ehm, pile-up car crash. It's making me edgy end restless.

Tomorrow I will start ticking off all of the things on my list that are long overdue. And also, I will start a big, fun, 'cause-I-can project. Just to jump start my mojo. The blue and mustard yarn is for a small part of the 'cause-I-can project and the green yarns are for a project I'd been looking forward to starting before everyday life got bumpy.

3 kommentarer:

Charlotte Kaae sagde ...

Lækkert garn, sender energi din vej :-)

lise sagde ...

Holder så meget af din blog...skriver du ikke mere på dansk :-(

Maud sagde ...

Velkommen tilbake:) jeg gleder meg til nye blogginnlegg som kan gi inspirasjon.