My name is Signe Strømgaard Simonsen, and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband and 2 young kids.
I started knitting 4 years ago because I wanted to dress my then baby in knitted woolens and a good friend told me it wasn't hard to learn. She was right and learning to knit was such a revelation to me.

I am a very visual learner and leant to knit from videos on Knittinghelp.com and later from some of the many wonderful
knitting videos on Youtube.
The same friend who encouraged me to start knitting also told me about Ravelry, and really I think it was at this point that knitting turned from a pastime into something... more.

Aside from all of the other wonderful things I found and learned on Ravelry, I also discovered that I am a leftie knitter who knit mirrored. 
In a way I suppose I already knew this, as I had been mirror reversing everything I saw in the videos from Knittinghelp, but I hadn't realized all of the implications that mirroring has. 
For a while I had been wondering why my knitting did not look like the pictured finished garments, even though I followed the directions down to the letter.
Now I realized that I would need to make adjustments to patterns and my knitting to get it to look right.
Once I realized this it ceased to be a problem, as this is what I and every other left-handed person does all the time.

At the same time I started following some of the many wonderful knitting blogs out there, and since I, according to my husband, am a documentarist by nature, it made sense to start blogging myself.
I need to give creative energy an outlet every single day or I quickly turn bitter and short tempered, so in this perspective blogging also makes a lot of sense.
Blogging is an added layer of creativity on top of the knitting and creating of things and the photography.

Knitting has become second nature to me, and the crisp logic and boundless creativity of the craft is profoundly fulfilling for me.
Another part of this, is the happy discovery of a whole community of wonderfully kind and generous knitters and incredibly talented designers.

I really feel at home in the knitting world, and plan to spend many, many more years making this a still larger and more meaningful part of my life.